Thursday, October 4, 2007

Good Karma, and Go Cubs!

You heard it here first, kids. The Chicago Cubs are going all the way this year! No more Bartman, no more curses, no more excuses. Let's go, Cubbies!

Spoken like a true Cubs fan...I am ever hopeful. Plus, if it doesn't work out, there's always next year. Or next century. My grandparents (aged 92) have been waiting a lot longer than me to see our team win its first World Series.

Even so...seats at Wrigley Field are hard to come by. It is always with much pleasure (whether a winning season or no) that people stream into one of this country's greatest stadiums. I had the good fortune to run into an ex-boyfriend from days of old who just happened to have received extra tickets to that night's game. I chalk it up to good karma. A bridge unburned was my ticket in! Plus, it's not too difficult to sit next to Chicago's finest Firefighters while watching your home team bring in a WIN!

Of course, no game is complete without a Chicago-style hot dog...complete with Old Style beer. A classic Chi-town meal.

To Lou Pinella and the of luck!


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