Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sailing the San Juans

Morning view in the San Juans.

Learning to sail has been quite an awesome experience for me. Living in Seattle, being so close to the Puget Sound and all it has to offer, how could I not take to the water?

This Labor Day I was fortunate enough to spend four days onboard my friend Cap'n John's boat. We sailed through the San Juan Islands of Washington, and the Canadian Gulf Islands. Although just a few hours away from Seattle, we were worlds away!

Sunset view from South Pender Island, Canada.

The peace of the water, the hilly islands, some with dry terrain, others with lush forests, the wind whipping through the was like living in a post card.

I caught my first big fish, and "Norm" (as we named him) provided our meals for the next few days. I broke down crying after catching him, once I realized that we'd have to club the poor fella and filet him. (Hey, I'm a city girl from Chicago! I don't normally indulge in such behavior!) He was quite delicious, though. Thank you, Norm!

The One That Didn’t Get Away! Salmon Slayer Gill

I highly recommend a sailing adventure throughout this beautiful area. There are also ferries that go back and forth to the mainland. For more information, check out:

Sail on!


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